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Well worth the quality

“Love the fabric and cloth design. Well-sewn and fits my daughter perfectly. So comfy, she just love it. Will buy from the shop again.” – Natasha Rappa

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Sweet color and comfortable

“Love the contrast piping, adding character to the design. Always response well to my enquiries. Great service! Highly recommended!” – Nimaamor

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Pretty Cheongsam

“Good material and workmanship, speedy delivery too. My Daughter & I look gorgeous with your MINI-ME series. Thank you, Little Qipao.” – Jaslyn

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Very beautiful prints

“Love the cutting of the qipao. Simple and elegant. The fabrics colour is very vibrant. Always my choice cheongsam shop!” – Nancy Lim

What is Qipao ?
Cheongsam is a one-piece body hugging Chinese dress for women. This dress is also known as qipao in Mandarin Chinese and Mandarin gown in English. The often stylish and tight fitting qipao that is widely recognized today was historically created in 1920 in Shanghai. This dress was made fashionable by upper class and socialites women.
About Qipao
Cheongsam/Qipao is a stylish and elegant type of dress with high neck and slit on the side. This actually comes from China’s Manchu Nationality. As a traditional dress in China, Qipao seems to be the wonderful blossom of the brightly colored fashion scene in China. Since Cheongsam Qipao has its unique charm so any woman who wear this is able to show their extraordinary grace.
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In early 17th century on North China, Nurhachi had set up Eight Banner System. Later on, he led the troops to Beijing and had overthrown Ming Dynasty. After several years, tube-shaped and collarless gown was developed and this was worn by both men and women. This has been considered as the earlier version of Qipao. This dress has eventually become famous among royal palace in Qing Dynasty to represent Manchu nobility.
Most of these dresses were made of premium quality silk with thicker laces trimmed on the sleeves, collar and edges. Empresses of the past dynasties actually wear Qipao. Their unique style of dresses was recognized as the highest standard for Chinese women for thousand years.
Qipao commonly represents women’s beauty, softness, modesty and personality. Just like many other fashion, the real beauty and elegance of Qipao truly stands out among the rest. Being so stunning is its notable feature from collar, loop up to the chest, hips and waist. This is a type of dress that can show off women’s figure. Not only that this Chinese traditional dress Qipao emphasizes natural beauty of women and also makes their legs appear slender.
Purchase Premium Quality, Elegant and Stylish Chinese Qipao Online
There are variety of styles and sexy Chinese Qipao available in the market today. More and more Chinese women are now starting to appreciate the beauty and the value of this dress. Chinese Qipao has always been the top choice of the wives of Chinese diplomats and prefers to wear this dress more when attending important social events or gatherings.
However, even ordinary Chinese women can purchase her own Chinese Qipao and start to show up their beauty and sexy figure. With the increasing demands for Chinese Qipao, this dress has also dominated the online marketplace. Varieties of styles and designs of Chinese traditional dress Qipao are now available online so interested individuals can now place their order conveniently.
When individuals shop online, they will be amazed of the numerous cheongsam dresses for sale online giving them lots of options to choose from. Wearing cheongsam dresses or Qipao has become a trend today. Due to its classical looks and elegance these are highly sought by Chinese women and even renowned fashion designers. Qipao is not just an ordinary garment but a real treasure that depicts that vibrant culture of Chinese.