Beautiful 2016 Retro collection from My Store

Wearing the qipao cheongsam dress is all about personal taste and preferences. It is a traditional outfit that can suit all body types and cultures. The very first time when this outfit was immortalized would be in the American-British movie The World of Suzie Wong in 1960. Moving on, the outfit gained fame through movies like In the Mood for Love. Seeing women in cheongsam qipao is a delight to the eye. However, there is so much more to this outfit. The Chinese outfit represents tradition, restrictiveness and class. It is an outfit that can change your overall style statement drastically.

A Cloth for Elite Women

There were days when the cheongsam was a loose garment worn by an elite group of women. Today, the outfit is worn and adorned by many from different parts of the world. Body-conscious women have changed the garment to suit their style requirements. The inclusion of laces, sequins, geometric prints and beadings add more charisma to the outfit. What we believe while designing qipao cheongsam dresses is that you can afford it regardless of your work or budget. There is a wide range of fabrics you can choose from. What delights us is providing you with your needs!

A highlight about cheongsam qipao is that vintage designs are rare. Almost everything about this dress is stunning and a real eye-candy. As you walk through a group of people wearing a qipao cheongsam dress, you will see many heads turn towards you. To shine in a beautiful cheongsam outfit, you don’t require many accessories. A simple hairstyle and the right earnings can do the trick. I would suggest you to carry a small clutch too!

Being Inspired

“In the mood for cheongsam” were showcased at the National Museum of Singapore in 2014 when I was there with my family during the summer holiday.The displayed outfit has inspired me in many ways. I have come across articles, histories, stories and photographs that speak of the outfit’s splendor. I am able to connect with Chinese from early 50’s. My imagination helps me experience their life and go through several episodes in their fashion industry. Sounds like an exaggeration right? Well, Chinese New Year fashion wear has a lot more in it. With the support of dear ones and the right collection of items, I am able to bring into reality a good collection of qipao cheongsam dresses. Also, each item in my “Retro Collection” speaks a special story.

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Photo credits to Singapore National Museum


Special Thanks to a good friend Adeline & Son Aaron who gracefully played the roles well.

Credits:  Amy and Jenny for the hair and Makeup, Tobin Chang (Zhihao) for the photo shoot