Blossom: Modern Women Qipao

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Discover the beauty in blossom of flowers. It is elegant and represents bond of love and a good beginning to the new year.

“Japanese flower put together has been known for its beauty of heart, faithfulness and a symbol of good fortune.”


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Imported Fabric

Cap sleeve Modern Qipao

Comfortable Low Mandarin Collar

Back Zip Closure

2 pockets

3 flora buttons ornament

Mini Me (matching fabric with girl)


XS- Bust 33.5″(42.5cm), Waist 29.5″(37.5cm), Hip 37.5″ (47.5cm), Length 36.5″(92.5cm)

S- Bust 35″(44cm), Waist 31″(39cm), Hip 39″(49.5cm), Length 37″(94cm)

M- Bust 36.5″(46cm), Waist 32.5″(41cm), Hip 40.5″(51.5cm), Length 37″(94cm)

L- Bust 38″(48cm), Waist 34″(43cm), Hip 42″(53cm), Length 37.5″(95cm)

XL-Bust 40″(50cm),  Waist 36″(45.5cm), Hip 43.5″ (55cm), Length 37.5″(95cm)

XXL- Bust 42″(53cm), Waist 38″(48cm), Hip 45″(57cm), Length 38″(96.5cm)


* Measurement in” inches is based on full round

*Measurement in ( cm ) is based on PTP or half round.

*Model is 1.73m. She wears S size.


Printed Cotton.

Fabric Care

Do not soak. Do not bleach.

For Machine wash, Please turn the Qipao inside out and place it in the netting

Gentle Machine Wash. Hand wash


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