Opulence: A line Dress Girl

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The chinos inspired design uses luxury prints of fabrics.The blend of colour symbolises wealth and sophistication.

“Like a wealth vase, it brings you great abundance of wealth and luck”



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Imported Fabric

Round neck Aline dress

Back Zip

With Pockets

Mini Me (Matching Fabric as Woman)


S-Chest- 24.5″(31cm) Length- 26.5″(67cm)

M-Chest- 26.5″(33.5cm) Length- 28″(71cm)

L- Chest- 28.5″(36cm) Length- 30″(76cm)

XL- Chest- 30″(38cm) Length- 32”(81cm)

XXL- Chest- 32”(40.5cm) Length- 34”(86cm)


* Measurement in” inches is based on full round

*Measurement in ( cm ) is based on PTP or half round.

*Model is 8 Years old and is 1.3m. She wears XL size in this design.


Size S-is for age 3-4 y/o (Estimated Height: 0.95m -1.05m)

Size M-is for age 5-6 y/o (Estimated Height: 1.10m – 1.15m)

Size L-is for age 7-8 y/o (Estimated Height: 1.2m – 1.25m)

Size XL- is for age 9-10 y/o (Estimated Height: 1.3m – 1.35m)

Size XXL- is for age 10-11 y/o (Estimated Height: 1.35m – 1.45m)


Cotton satin, Poly, Denim

Fabric Care

Do not soak. Do not bleach.

Gentle Machine Wash. Hand wash


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