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Little Qipao Blog – From the Beginning..

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The Chinese New Year is one of the best times of the year to design new Cheongsam and qipao collections! Though there are so many different types of apparels, the panache and charisma in Chinese New Year Fashion wear is indescribable. New inspirations, scintillating ideas and creative use of fabric flow into the mind during this special time. Here is a brief account of how our kids’ cheongsam qipao story began.

Looking for the ideal Cheongsam Qipao

A few years back, I was trying to get a cheongsam for my daughter. Searching for the ideal dress at retail stores & online shops was not easy. There were choices but I couldn’t find something that I like. Some designs were too oriental & traditional for kids. No fun & lively colors combination on them. They used inferior fabrics that were too thin or thick with uncomfortable cutting. The elements that I was looking for was quality, comfort & unique color combination.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone tells that there are demand for nice kid’s cheongsam or qipao but there are too few good suppliers around! You will be shocked to see designers hunt down suppliers with lots of struggle. Well, we enjoyed this struggle and were motivated to try new qipao cheongsam dress designs. The joy in playing around with high-quality breathable materials, fun patterns, unique shades and lively floral prints is divine. The exquisite outfit for kids can be designed to suit different budgets, seasons and occasions. We take pride in using special materials which were mainly imported from high-end market.  Our cheongsams are simple but elegant. The outfit is cut with lots of care and concern. In fact, you can establish a strong style statement with our kids’ cheongsam qipao.

Unleashing My Sense of Style!

At that time, I am not a professional designer nor have I taken any courses on fashion designing! All that I had was great attitude and time to make cheongsam qipao Chinese dresses! I knew that a little bit of passion, plenty of buttons, the right mix of materials and a sewer can help me establish a promising cheongsam qipao Chinese dress online market. In fact, I was not that great with the pencil too! Yet, my confidence and the spirit in my head pushed me forward. I had a dear group that took my plan forward in many ways. Tiff was my angel! Her confidence and skill as a model enlightened me to go ahead with qipao cheongsam dress collections. A lot of recommended tailors looked down on my drawings and plans, but there were few like-minded souls that supported me in many ways. Their patience and guidance helped in designing our first collection. Everything needs a quick kick start and I was lucky to have mine. Today, everything else is history and a successful story.

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