Registration & password

It is possible to register yourself as a registered visitor by creating a personal account. Although it is still possible to shop as a “guest” without the need to register, this option offers some interesting benefits.


Creation of an account is done in a few minutes by registering and identifying yourself with several personal data and the setting of a personal password. Click on the sign in / register link available into the top menu bar.

Benefits of having an account

Once your account have been created and once you are logged-in thought the sign-in page, you can

-Check out faster (by re-using your address and data)

-Promotional updates for being a member of LITTLE QIPAO

-View your past orders

-Check the status of your order while we are preparing it

If you need any assistance with the creation of your account, please contact us at

Password lost

Click onto “sign-in” menu on the top of any page of our Shop-On-Line. There is a “forgotten password” link. Click on it and follow our instructions to get a new password.

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